Ultimate Camp Resource Overview:

Ultimate Camp Resource provides the most comprehensive free online resource for summer camp staff, including games, skits, songs, industry-related articles, and more. Camp staff from around the world actively submit items, suggest new categories, and contribute their professional expertise. The site’s popularity is due to the large collection of activities, and its easy to navigate, functional design.

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  1. Banner Advertisements on Content Pages.
    • We sell a number of direct placement ads our content pages - this is by far the most effective way to advertise on our site.
    • All vendors for these ads must be camp related and we limit our advertisers annually to ensure the most effective use of your marketing dollars for this niche market. All vendors receive equal distribution of ad impressions.
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  3. Camp Vendor Guide.
    • Our Camp Vendor Guide serves as the camping “yellow pages.” The guide has a search feature that allows camp directors to find vendors by either product category, specific products, or company name.
    • We distribute this guide via pdf to our "opt-in" members annually. Additionally, the guide will be easily available for on-demand download beginning in the summer of 2010.
    • There are three levels with the following features:
      • Ultimate Level: Larger logo, company description listed at top of category, link to full company profile, and link to company web site. Only one top level listing is possible per section, ensuring true premium location for interested companies. Listing includes 10 image uploads, and placement in three categories. $300 (includes banner on content pages).
      • Director Level : Logo, company description listed in alphabetical order, link to full company profile, and link to company web site. Listing includes 4 image uploads and placement in one primary category. Only $39/year.
      • Free: No logo, company names listed after standard logos, link directly to company web site. Free site listings are only accepted based on space available.
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