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CampHacker exists to create great camp communities so that camps are inspired to change the world. We had: - staff with no work experience, no higher education - so little money in our staffing budget that what our people took home could only be called an “honourarium” - competition for workers with companies paying 10x’s as much wages - a remote location with little in the way of off-time activities a job description that included 23 hours a day of working time We created: - an amazing staff that joyfully put in the long hours - a creative atmosphere that operated on little to no budget and produced dynamic results - a tight-knit community of people committed to the health and welfare of their co-workers - a young leaders who excitedly took on a job with more responsibility than they will have again in their working lives. We can do this for you.

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1077 Elora Rd.
Woodstock, ON
Phone 519-532-7266
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Consulting Services:
- Online & Social Media Marketing Consulting
- Camp Staff Training
- Board Facilitation and Development

Digital Tools to Run An Amazing Camp:
- 3 Week Summer Camp Menu
- Summer Camp Marketing Calendar

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