Xccent, Inc.

About Us

Playmotion(TM) hinges and mounts allow for safe movement in Xccent’s IPEMA certified Play Assemblies. X-Wave – Exciting wave-like motion encourages cooperative play for up to 20 kids! X-Quake – Three moving pods incorporate dynamic motion into challenging play. X-Beam – A unique challenge of balance skill on a moving beam! Playmotion Rides – Individual play structures with extreme sports themes. Xccent's Playmotion products fit into smaller areas, allowing you to maximize space in your camp playground! Xccent's full line of low-maintenance outdoor furniture provides long lasting beauty and functionality, and best of all it can handle all weather extremes with little or no upkeep! Check out our website today!

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Vendor Address Xccent, Inc.
100 Industrial Dr
Osceola, WI
United States
Phone 800-933-4748
Fax 715-294-4517
Website http://www.xccent.biz
Online Store No
Hours of Operation 8am-5pm Central Time


Playground equipment, Stand Alone Play systems, Outdoor furniture, Decking